Technology and psychology combined in one app.

Behavioral change is a process that is supported by our app aspecx - in the team and individually - it provides the impetus for regular reflection and sustainable change.

An app with a psychological background.

To change behavior, you first need awareness of existing behaviors and their impact. How do I act when I trust someone? What does my feedback do and why?

Behaviors are an expression of mental maps based on individual experiences, abilities, values and expectations. Often we are not aware of what triggers our behaviors and what automatisms are behind them. If we want to change our behaviors, we have to change our mental maps and leave familiar paths.

This is a process we drive with our scientific approach, the Agile Behavioral Change Framework. We also use our app aspecx, which ensures that employees regularly become aware of their own behavior and the perceived behavior of their colleagues and check whether it corresponds to the behavior they want to show or expect from others.

Individually defined behaviors are reflected.

aspecx is an app with many uses, as it is very flexible to configure.

Thus, it can be used for individual behavioral change in coaching contexts, change projects (see also Change and Transformation Management), changes in team collaboration - see also Agile Behavioral Change Framework - or the assessment of leadership behavior.

The app is web-based and can be edited on a notebook, tablet or mobile phone.

Email Reminder for upcoming reflection and assessment.

According to the individually defined frequency of the reflection and assessment points, the employees receive an email with the request for the next assessment and the link to the app. This nudge via email helps employees not to miss the assessment points in their daily work and regularly brings the topic into focus.

Self-assessment, team assessment and third-party assessment are possible.

In four-week iterations, employees reflect on and evaluate their own behavior, the behavior of their team members, and, if appropriate, the behavior of another team with which they work closely. The evaluation frequency can be freely defined.

Regular reflection and evaluation of the defined behaviors.

The behaviors to be reflected and evaluated are defined by the employee or the team members in a workshop and integrated into the app according to their description. The evaluation is anonymous and takes about 1 minute.

Visualisation of the data in different graphics

Each employee sees the visualization of the anonymized data as well as their individual self-assessments in their application. Visualized are the average values, absolute frequencies as well as history data over the evaluation points.

The examination of one’s own and perceived behavior.

Working with the app brings to the fore behavioral aspects that are central to one’s well-being and the functioning of team collaboration. For the first time, these aspects are given a visual dimension and thus become more tangible.

After a four-week iteration with a defined number of evaluation points, a first analysis of the data collected with the app is performed. The graphs help in the retrospective of the past few weeks and give clues as to where flanking measures might be needed. Discussions are stimulated which, due to the data analysis, can be conducted in a solution-oriented manner beyond the emotional component. After that, the next iteration will take place, with adjustments to the app if necessary, as well as flanking measures. 3 – 6 iterations are the standard.

Experience from numerous projects, psychological know-how and a science-based approach – our offer.

In numerous projects, we have already been able to successfully implement our app aspecx, always responding to the individual needs of our customers.

We work with a transparent cost structure and an agile approach. The costs of the app and the accompanied services depend on the number of users and the scope of the accompanying modules you want to claim in your project. We will be happy to advise you individually about the options that meet your needs.

data-based and anonymous

The data speaks for itself and allows for a change in perspective. In the team context the anonymity of the employees is also guaranteed.

simple and quick

Handling the app is intuitive, simple and takes only a few minutes. As a result, the reflection and the evaluation of the defined behaviors can be easily integrated into every daily work routine and work context.

visual and tangible

The collected data is visualized in clear graphs, making perceptions tangible. What up to now mainly took place in the heads of the employees now comes to the surface and can be analyzed detached from emotion.


In collaboration with the FHNW for applied psychology, the app was developed based on scientific findings. The configuration is designed to be appropriately flexible in order to map individual behavioral challenges.

Would you like to know how you can use our psychological app in your change projects?

Gabriela Bleuler – I am your personal contact for coaching, team and organizational development.

In a personal conversation I will explain the functionality of our app aspecx, the possible applications and our scientific approach, the Agile Behavioral Change Framework, based on your specific requirements.

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