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Boost Collaboration!

The aspecx app aspecx for measuring and visualizing collaboration quality in a team. aspecx is a web application and therefore accessible from all mobile devices as well as on the desktop.

The team defines aspects that are regularly evaluated.

daily life we belong to different groups like for example: Project teams, work teams, clubs, sports clubs, groups of friends, etc. But do we really know what everyone expects and how everyone perceives and experiences the group? aspecx helps to better understand the group members and to discover how the group can work more efficiently and effectively.

Each team member carries out a self-assessment and a team assessment

Define values, goals or other aspects to be regularly evaluated by the group members during a predefined period. The aspects should preferably be defined with the group members to achieve a common understanding of expected behaviors. xamplo's experts will assist you in developing and defining the aspects.

Our way of cultural transformation in 1.31 minutes

xamplo has developed an innovative, science-based and agile solution. We visualize perceptions and emotions that promote the important exchange within the company and can adapt the behavior of the employees to the strategic orientation of the company.

The aspecx app – break up silos for maximum team satisfaction

Real collaboration requires breaking out of the silo mentality and tearing down walls. We have developed the right, science-based method.

Anonymized team feedback
So your employees can overcome their fears and finally say what goes wrong – anonymously

Ease of use
The aspecx app is simple and intuitive to use

See & understand
All measurements are graphically processed, and clear visual feedback makes the perceptions tangible.

Supported by our experts
Our experts your transformation process with understanding and empathy.

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