Change and Transformation

Change and transformation - the management of change forms the basis for transformation.

Change and transformation management

Our focus is on the individual and their support through the transition.

Only when each individual employee empowers change with his or her behaviors can a transformation of the organization take place successfully. The following are absolutely central to change:

There needs to be a clear definition of goals. The WHY of the change must be transparent, understandable and desirable for all employees.

No transformation of the organization without individual willingness to carry it. The success of a business transformation is the collective outcome of individual change.

Organizational development implies change

Change has many facets: technical, organizational, structural and cultural – and people are always at the center.

Do you want to make structures and processes more efficient, introduce new tools, automate or digitalize? Are new parts of the company being added or eliminated, is a takeover or integration of other companies planned? Is your corporate culture required to adapt to the new circumstances? Every single one of these projects requires change and demands that the employees support it.

Prosci® framework and psychological app

We are Prosci®-certified Change Practitioners and combine this knowledge with our science-based approach Agile Behavioral Change.

In 3 phases we accompany changes and transformations as Change or Transformation Manager. In each phase, specific tools are used to structure and support the process and to visualize the progress of change. We work according to agile principles and design phase 2 iteratively. In phase 2 the change on team level can be additionally supported with the Agile Behavioral Change approach. Read more about it at Agile Behavioral Change Framework. With coaching it is also possible to respond to the individual needs of individual employees. You can find our offer here.

Our work is analytical and data-based. For this purpose, we use specific models in the different phases of the change process, which on the one hand ensure the comparability of data at different points in time and on the other hand visualize the status and progress.

The Prosci® Change Triangle can be used to capture project health

A healthy project can be seen in 4 aspects: a clear and shared definition of success, leadership and direction by the management (leadership/sponsorship), a structurally, technically or organizationally well managed project, as well as close support of the employees during the transition.

The Prosci® ADKAR model is sequential and describes 5 elements of a successful transition.

  • A = Awareness: the awareness of change
  • D = Desire: the desire to be there in the change and support it
  • K = Knowledge: the knowledge of how change works
  • A = Ability: the competence to implement desired skills and behaviors
  • R = Reinforcement: the reinforcement to establish change


The Agile Behavioral Change Framework enables employees to strengthen the quality of collaboration in change.

Our scientific approach Agile Behavioral Change Framework supported by our psychological app aspecx we use to strengthen team collaboration during change and engage each employee on an individual level. What do we as a team want to change in our collaboration to increase efficiency and satisfaction in the team and to bring the collaboration quality to the next level? The regular individual reflection on these aspects and the exchange about them is supported by the App aspecx.

Modular and agile offer at transparent costs

You decide how much change and transformation management you need and choose the modules that are right for you.

You have different options for the type and scope of support you receive from xamplo. Needs can change over time, with the knowledge gained and changing conditions. Our offer and our contracts are designed in such a way that we always have the possibility to respond to your current needs. Regular reports and feedback points guarantee maximum cost transparency and agile contract structures.

Change Practitioner

As certified Prosci® Change Practitioners, we support you in the planning of change measures, the analysis and the measurement of progress.

Change Management

You benefit on the one hand from our knowledge as certified Prosci® Change Practitioners and on the other hand from our many years of project management know-how.

We manage the ‘People Side of Change’ for you in close cooperation with your project management.

Change as a Service

You have the possibility to use our support in the change and transformation process very selectively and for specific questions.

Whether it is to record and track project health, to fine-tune communication measures or to initialize targeted change and transformation projects at team level.

What makes us tick? – Agility, transparency, data-based thinking and enthusiasm

We want to inspire customers with our services and interact at eye level.


Standards and good practices

  • Prosci® Change Management Practitioner Certification
  • Agile approaches
  • Long-term project management experience (Scrum, PMP, Hermes, ITIL)

Transparent cost structure

  • Various offer variants and modular structure
  • Traceable costs and agile cost planning
  • Regular progress reports and feedback rounds

People-centered approach

  • Humans and their behaviors are at the center
  • Collaboration-centered project management
  • Promoting mutual understanding and empathy

Scientific know-how

  • Organizational and industrial psychology knowledge base
  • Inclusion of the latest findings from research and development
  • Scientific partners

How do you design your change and transformation project?

We can have a no-obligation initial conversation about what challenges you are currently facing in your change or transformation project.

Gabriela Bleuler – I would be happy to explain to you our services, the methods, models and procedures according to which we work in change.

I look forward to hearing from you via email or call +41 61 508 15 19