What you express today, can improve all your tomorrows

Through its approach to visualization, xamplo promotes transparency and trust within teams and projects.

Boost Collaboration

Digitization poses major challenges to companies in the form of increased customer expectations, increasing pace of innovation, increasing competitive pressure and a changing social structure. We believe that cooperation, transparency and mutual understanding are fundamental to any (cultural) change in companies. That’s why we developed the Boost Collaboration model.

Behavior triggers emotions – and the other way around

Unspoken negative emotions triggered by the behavior of team members

  • Lower the willingness to collaborate
  • Make people unhealthy and dissatisfied
  • Reduce the productivity of the team

Expressing emotions in the form of feedback


  • Increases the emotional transparency in the team
  • Promotes mental health
  • Increases the performance of the team

1 app

3 steps (create awareness, exchange and develop)

6 expected behaviors

infinite possible applications

Areas of application

The areas of application for Boost Collaboration are very versatile. Here are some examples:

Team Building

New team? Get started right away and identify behaviors that the team needs in order to work together successfully.

Breaking up silos

We define behaviors together with you that will sustainably break up silos.

Cultural change in organizations

A cultural change of values in organizations can be internalized through the continuous reflection of desired behaviors based on values, thereby accelerating change.

Interlocal teams

Is your team spread over several countries or even continents? Targeted behaviors can sustainably strengthen one-team thinking.

(Interdisciplinary) project teams

Do you work in a project team or an expert organization? Sharing information, mutual understanding and equal treatment of all team members is often the key to delivering with high performance in a short time.

Self-organized teams

Have you switched to self-organization and your team now lacks their previous contact point? aspecx helps self-organized teams self-regulate.

Scrum teams

We support your sprints and lay the foundation for a holistic retrospective.

Leadership reflection

Do you live your leadership values? Does your team see things that way? aspecx can help leaders and their teams advance as a development tool.

inter-organizational cooperation

Several teams from different organizations? How do you rate the performance of other teams and your team's contribution to achieving common goals? Do the other teams see things that way? aspecx provides the answer to these questions.

Boost Collaboration – it’s that easy!


We address your very individual challenges as part of the kickoff.


We conduct a survey on the most important pain points in your team.


In a workshop, we jointly develop goals and define team values that serve as the basis for the aspecx team standards.


Now our App aspecx comes into play – iterative and continuous feedback makes areas of tension and optimization potential in the team visible.


We put the data-based insights into action together!


A further survey quantifies the effectiveness of the intervention


Reflect on the results from the app as well as from the report regularly in team meetings – we are happy to assist you!


After a defined number of evaluation rounds, you will be provided with an individual, detailed report with recommendations for action.

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