Humans make about 20,000 decisions per day

Uncertainty prolongs the decision-making process. Within companies, clear governance can save employees an enormous amount of time and sustainably increase productivity.

Governance Services


Most companies take their implemented processes, structures, policies, etc. as a given and are unaware of the potential for optimization, in terms of cost savings and competitive advantage, as well as the consequences of poor governance (anger, insecurity, demotivation, inefficiency and ineffectiveness).


Governance includes framework conditions (stakeholders’ interests, processes, rules, roles, responsibilities, behavior, etc.) that relieve employees of their day-to-day work through clear guidelines and synchronize collaboration within the company. This allows companies to save significantly on operational costs.


Based on the good practices COBIT5 and ITIL, we help companies review, define, plan, implement and measure governance. Our goal is to create maximum and sustainable value.

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