No project is more expensive than a failed one.

xamplo promotes transparency and trust within teams and projects through its approach to visualization.

Management Services

Companies are struggling with resources and skills shortages. There is a lack of support and coaching. And transparency is missing in project organizations because of an ego culture. This leads to waste of resources due to poor or bad coordination.

Project Management

Our experience in project management lies in the management of projects with project budgets on the order of CHF 20 million. We help companies lead initiatives, but also get projects that are stumbling back on track.

Service - & Sourcing Management

With continued cost pressure and greater focus on corporate core business, the outsourcing and nearshoring trend is continuing for companies. The increase in complexity and the changed “business ecosystem” has a major impact on IT and business processes. As a sourcing manager, xamplo supports you in finding the optimal way to manage the tensions between sourcing, change and digitization.

Ad- interim Management

xamplo provides competent individuals with a track record to companies with interim management needs.
The required goals are defined together with you, and xamplo ensures sustainable added value through an unbiased perspective and its own innovative solution approaches.

Unique additional service

aspecx App included

You won’t find this with any other consulting service provider: our unique aspecx App, a digital tool for agile team management, is included with every management service. In this way, changes are approached holistically and a cultural transformation takes place in addition to the structural transformation.

What you can expect when you engage us

Human-centered posture

For us the human being with his experience and behaviour is in the centre. Regardless of whether they are employees, stakeholders, customers or beneficiaries.

Collaboration-centric project management

By visualizing experiences, tasks and processes, we promote mutual understanding and empathy between all parties involved. This enables us to develop your team into a high-performance team in no time.

We rely on standards and good practices such as:

PMP - Project Management Professional

Hermes - Project management method of the Swiss Federal Administration

Scrum - Iterative and incremental project management

Half Double - A new lean project-management methodology that can achieve higher project success within significantly less time.

Are you interested?

Our team of highly qualified experts will gladly advise you in a personal and non-binding telephone call about our tailor-made services. This service is of course free to you!

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