Departure into the hybrid working world.

The combination of home office and office presence creates forward-looking working worlds. The potential is high - make the most of it!

The road to the hybrid workplace and hybrid collaboration

New Work is experiencing a tremendous acceleration right now. Working from home is moving from being taboo to being part of a future-oriented form of work.

The hybrid workplace is becoming established and poses new challenges for companies and employees. Aspects such as virtuality, digitalisation and workplace design play an important role.

The starting position for establishing partially digital or even virtual teams has changed due to current developments. Even companies that have hitherto hardly relied on virtual teams and working from home are moving closer to these forms of work. Accordingly, questions about the optimal design of digital forms of collaboration are coming into focus. A challenge with additional facets: working from home. Working from home confronts employees and organisations with completely new working conditions, both physical and psychological in nature.

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While there are companies that let their employees work exclusively from home and want to eliminate fixed workplaces for the most part in the future, others are relying on ‘staggered’ attendance times, attendance schedules, or situational working-from-home days.

The challenges are mainly found in the areas of

  • employee retention,
  • employee motivation,
  • team collaboration,
  • infrastructure and, in particular …

security – both data security and the psychological safety that helps determine an employee’s well-being.

Employees feel psychologically secure when they express freely and openly their concerns, questions, ideas, or opinions, without fear of value judgments or repression. The premise: trust. Other psychological challenges arise from isolation while working at home and lack of rituals associated with the workplace.

Challenges to teamwork and team spirit

One thing seems certain, however: Employees will continue to work from home for several days a week, or even entirely.

They will be able to adjust office and working-from-home hours to their individual range of tasks This individualization of the organization of work requires new forms of co-operation in the team context and digital instruments to support efficient co-operation. In particular, informal interactions and well-rehearsed work processes are changing and must be adapted to different forms of virtuality in a hybrid working world.

Which transformation phase are you in?

Informal interactions and routines must adapt to changing work rhythms.

Which specific challenges are you facing?

Team collaboration and team satisfaction benefit from agile organizational forms.

Together we will develop an individual catalogue of measures.

Employee retention, motivation and productivity need corporate impulses adapted to the hybrid working world.

We work in a data-driven way.

Processes and forms of collaboration require a user-friendly digital infrastructure and adapted workplaces.

We are organizational psychologists and digital transformers

We put people at the center and support you in making your transformation steps employee-centered.

Using science-based diagnostic tools, you will learn at what point the company is on the path to the hybrid workplace.

You identify the specific challenges and the areas of competence in which employees need new skills.

You will receive a catalogue of measures that meets your personnel, time and monetary needs and is based on empirical findings.

This structured, data-based evaluation enables you to perform a qualified analysis of the present situation and to initiate targeted measures.

Our offer

Based on our core scientific orientation, our range of services follows the structure of research projects.

We attach great importance to comprehensibility, transparency and a broadly supported grounding in data as a basis for decision-making. We use a digital toolbox to support us in the various phases of analysis and evaluation. The app aspecx we developed, uses psychological aspects, and can support you in the implementation of specific measures.

Data collection
Online survey of the ACTUAL situation

  • Executive questionnaire
  • Employee questionnaire
  • Lasting about 15 minutes
  • Additional: Job Analysis

Visualization of the ACTUAL situation
data evaluation & visualization

  • Preliminary reports
  • Meeting (virtual or on-site)
  • Timeframe: 1 hour

Measures catalogue
Organisational psychology and technology

  • Workshop (virtual or on-site)
  • Timeframe: 3 hours

Introduction to aspecx
Psychological app for reflection and visualization of perceptions

  • Presentation & discussion
  • Timeframe: 1 hour

Our way of working

We work from empirical decision bases.

As part of our offer, we regularly provide evidence of the areas in which we have been able to achieve joint improvements, thus making the results of our cooperation measurable. Maximum transparency, regular evaluation meetings and the ability to adapt flexibly to new findings are the hallmarks of our way of working, in line with agile project management concepts.

The path to the hybrid workplace at a glance

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