Independent Matrix42 User Group

Other Matrix42 users are facing the same or similar challenges as you. Make the most of this hive mind. We provide the platform.

The Matrix42 User Group is a vendor-neutral initiative from xamplo

We regularly organize virtual and physical events at which use cases and the latest developments on the part of Matrix42 are presented and participants can share their know-how in workshops.

The goal of the Matrix42 User Group is to facilitate the regular exchange of practical knowledge between users of the same industries, as well as between different industries. At the same time, the platform offers the possibility to share in-depth expertise and to benefit from the experiences of other organizations.

Our vision is to provide users with the opportunity to build a network that they can informally activate on specific Matrix42 issues. This also includes the establishment of a Know-how Portal on which jointly developed knowledge is available to all members. The willingness of participants to share knowledge and proactively contribute experience is therefore central to the success and implementation of the goals set. The events that have already been held and the positive feedback from participants show that this works.


Exchange at physical and virtual events

Since the launch of the Matrix42 Public Sector User Group in May 2020, we have already hosted one physical event and one virtual event.

In September 2020, the Matrix42 User Group held its first physical event. During the half-day event, Matrix42 users learned everything about Matrix42’s Configuration Management/CMDB through a demo and comprehensive first-hand information. A use case dealt with the introduction of agile working methods in the environment of the Matrix42 application and, in small groups, a lot of know-how was gathered and exchanged on the topic of ‘Interfaces to Matrix42’. At the concluding lunch, upcoming challenges could be further discussed in an informal atmosphere.

The second virtual event took place at the end of January 2021 - the response was very positive!

At the virtual event, which also lasted half a day, the focus was on the topics Matrix42 in the cloud, organisation in Switzerland, master data consolidation and the integration of heterogeneous application fields. One stream also addressed the question of where Matrix42’s development might go in the future.

The next physical event is in October 2021

Planning has begun for the next event, on 26 October, 2021.

Before each event, members of the user group have the opportunity to share their current issues and challenges with Matrix42. Field reports are also very welcome. They are an incentive and motivation for other users in the implementation of their Matrix42 projects. We will collect all topics, suggestions for field reports, ideas for workshops or discussion panels and bring them to the organising committee (OC). The OC, consisting of representatives from the users, xamplo and Matrix42, will define the final agenda for the upcoming event.

DATE: Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

WHERE: Armee-Ausbildungszentrum, Murmattweg 6, 6000 Luzern 30

WHEN: 09:00 – 16:15 h


Here you find the agenda to make the setup transparent for you. As a registered participant you will receive an email with the final agenda.

9:00 9:15 xx Start, welcome and short “warm-up”, Edo Bezemer, xamplo
09:15 10:15 CMDB/Firescope , Matrix42
10:15 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 11:30 CMDB in practice – use case and group work, Fabian Widmer, Kt. Luzern
11:30 12:30 Automate HR processes – introduction and group work, Bucherer AG with a use case and Kantonsspital Glarus with a contribution on “Workflow-supported onboarding and offboarding of user accounts (HR, Matrix42, AD)
12:30 13:30 Lunch and networking
13:30 14:00 Presentation results of group work
14:00 15:00 Operation and further development of Matrix42 in the SAFe context from a management and operational perspective, Gabriel Sarbach & Thomas Schmid, Kt. Luzern
15:00 15:15 Coffee break
15:15 16:00 Continuous deployment and traceability, Christoph Wilmsen, Kt. Aargau
16:00 16:15 Wrap-up and conclusion, Edo Bezemer, xamplo

You can register here for the next Matrix42 User Group event on 26 October in Lucerne. The deadline for registration is 8 October 2021. Conditions of participation due to the current COVID situation: Vaccinated, recovered, and tested, with certificate.

Questions, suggestions, and discussion

Edo Bezemer – I am your direct contact.

Do you have questions about the Matrix42 User Group or a topic you would like to discuss or present at an event? I look forward to you getting in touch. I will be happy to get back to you afterwards.