No project is more expensive than a failed one.

Collaboration, within and between project teams and across the organization, is key to project success.

Project management as a success factor

Digitalization and all the associated transformation projects are rolling towards companies with great force.

New technologies, structures, processes and methods are introduced or optimized. The complexity of the projects is increasing and with it the risks. Project Management becomes a key success factor for the organization.

Agile approaches are in focus

Companies are adopting agile methodologies like SCRUM, SAFe®, Kanban, OKR while building cloud solutions and digitalizing processes.

The demands on employees are increasing by leaps and bounds. Many employees feel overwhelmed. Studies show that work-related stress is increasing significantly every year (Job Stress Index – Health Promotion Switzerland. Source: How can companies meet these challenges while reducing operating costs and increasing employee engagement?

The project manager makes the difference

Successful project management focuses on the following elements: the project manager, collaboration within the project team, and collaboration with stakeholders.

In addition to the technical tasks such as planning, control, moderation and reporting, it is above all the employee-centered tasks that have a decisive influence on the success of the project: psychological safety, cooperation, trust and a living feedback culture.

Foster collaboration

In addition to profound methodological knowledge, we rely on a science-based tool to promote and collaborate

For us, project management is employee-centered, i.e. the consideration of ‘soft’ factors is central to our work. With aspecx, a web-based psychological application and a science-based approach, the Agile Behavioral Change Framework , we lead projects to success together with your employees – according to the motto: the methodology under control and the people in focus. This additional service is free of charge for you. Here you can find detailed information about our app aspecx and the Agile Behavioral Change Framework. We also have a PM toolbox with comprehensive, field-tested templates, checklists and processes that guarantee successful project implementation. The comprehensive Project Management Framework we offer can be found in an overview on our flyer.

Our fields of activity

Project management has many facets and we focus on your needs.

Our methodological knowledge coincides with the requirements of our customers and includes Hermes or PMP as well as Scrum or hybrid forms. We support you in the implementation of technical solutions as well as in the optimization and digitalization of processes and the introduction of IT governance or agile methods and frameworks such as SAFe®, ITIL, COBIT, etc. On the pages SAFe® and Governance Services you will find additional information about our services in these areas.

General Project Management

We take on your upcoming and ongoing projects. We get stumbling projects back on track. In particular, our skills include:

  • Certified project managers in agile methods Scrum, SAFe®
  • Certified project managers in classical methods Hermes, ITIL, PMP
  • Experience in projects with a volume of up to CHF 20 million

Service - & Sourcing Management

Cost pressure and a stronger concentration on entrepreneurial core tasks favor the trend to outsourcing or nearshoring. The resulting increase in complexity and the changed ‘business ecosystem’ have an impact on IT and business processes. Our contribution:

  • As sourcing managers, we support you in finding the optimal path for your company in the area of conflict between sourcing, change and digitalization
  • .

Ad-interim Management

In the meantime, do you have a leadership need that you can’t or won’t meet internally? As an ad-interim manager, we offer:

  • Personalities with track records on demand
  • Unbiased view
  • Common goal definition
  • Innovative approaches

Competence, experience and transparent costs – our offer

We guarantee project management with certified project managers, comprehensive methodological competence and a human-centered attitude.

We work in a structured, data-based manner and with a transparent cost structure. Regular reports show the progress of the project in terms of agreed deliverables and costs incurred. Adjustments can be made as promptly and agilely as needed.

Standards and good practices

  • PMP – Project Management Professional
  • Hermes – Project Management Methodology of the Swiss Federal Administration
  • Scrum – iterative and incremental project management

People-centered approach

  • Humans and their behaviors are at the center
  • Collaboration-centered project management
  • Promoting mutual understanding and empathy

Transparent cost structure

  • Modular Structure of Project Management Services
  • Individual and transparent project plan with progress reporting
  • Defined and scheduled deliverables

References and experiences

  • Different industries: public sector, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, energy, finance, IT services
  • Different organizations and areas: SMEs and large companies, IT, HR, marketing
  • Multiple projects: Introduction of SAFe®, implementation of ITIL or governance consulting according to COBIT

Project Management Framework

An overview of our Project Management offering and the benefits to you.

Download PM Framework

Your project and our expertise!

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