OKR Lounges @xamplo - next event beginning 2022

A lot of compact knowledge, exchange and networking, that’s what distinguishes the OKR Lounges.

OKR Lounges @xamplo at a glance

There is a lot of interest in OKR, the agile operating system for companies of all sizes. The need to exchange knowledge, experiences and opinions as well. We would like to offer a platform for this need – the OKR Lounge @xamplo as an event and as a LinkedIn group.

Here you can find information about the philosophy of the OKR Lounges, the already held Lounges, the speakers and topics as well as the presentations for download. This will give you an initial impression of the contents. Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce the stimulating discussions that arise from the keynote speeches. You’ll have to be there yourself. We’re looking forward to it!

For more information on how we can support companies in the implementation of OKR, see here.

Would you like to exchange ideas with other OKR interested people, users or experts? Then join our LinkedIn OKR Lounge Group!


With the OKR Lounge Events and the LinkedIn group we want to promote the informal exchange between OKR users, OKR beginners and OKR interested people .

In addition, expert opinions can be contributed, the latest findings from theory and practice can be shared and the personal OKR network can be expanded.


In regular intervals, current OKR topics are presented in plenary sessions or shared and discussed in smaller groups in the virtual and hybrid OKR Lounges.

In the LinkedIn group, different topics can be discussed, challenges brought up, or new insights shared between OKR Lounges.


Participants share informally about current OKR issues and discuss their own experiences, challenges or problems.

At the same time they profit from the knowledge of the OKR experts, who contribute the latest findings from theory and practice and answer burning practical questions about the implementation of OKR.

A turbulent OKR learning journey and tips for failing with OKR

At our second OKR Lounge at the end of September, Jeannette and Lydia from the Baloise Group shared their OKR experiences with us and Patrick from die.agilen gave us an impressive illustration of the capital mistakes you should avoid when implementing OKR.

The second edition of the online OKR Lounge @xamplo was held on September 30, 2021. While Lydia and Jeannette were able to pass on a lot of practical experience to the OKR Lounge participants, Patrick shared his profound knowledge from countless trainings and customer projects. There was also plenty of space to deepen questions and topics that came up.

Why we feel like pioneers - our OKR learning journey in the team - Impulse lecture by Jeannette Popken, Agile Coach Marketing and Lydia Welzel, Project Manager Sales Development at the Baloise Group.

Lydia Welzel and Jeanette Popken from the Baloise Group gave us an insight into their eventful OKR learning journey. They illustrated how initial enthusiasm soon gave way to disillusionment and frustration spread. Only after the support of experienced OKR practitioners in the development of MOALs, the derivation of objectives and the definition of key results, they found new motivation and now look with enthusiasm and full energy into the OKR future.

Download PDF Baloise Group

10 surefire tips to get an ineffective OKR - Impulse lecture by Patrick Lobacher, CEO die.agilen and book author

Patrick Lobacher from die.agilen gave us a very meaningful presentation on the mistakes that should be avoided at all costs with OKR. It is not enough to label old systems with new labels, just to mention one point from the 10 tips for the surefire failure of OKR. Detailed material on the 10 "tips" can be found in the presentation.

Download PDF die.agilen

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First OKR Lounge, 17 June 2021

End your working day with inspiring ideas and experiences on the topic of OKR – the first OKR Lounge in Switzerland!

The first lounge was a great success. Speakers and participants were able to discuss relevant OKR topics in an informal setting. The two OKR practice experts, Patrick Lobacher, die.agilen and Michael Sommerhalder, Digitec Galaxus imparted a concentrated load of OKR knowledge and practical experience in their presentations. An all around successful online event. Our thanks go to all who have contributed to this.

OKR - The agile operating system for strategy implementation in a VUCA world - Impulse lecture by Patrick Lobacher, Managing Director die.agilen

Our world has changed - ever increasing dynamics and complexity demand a radical rethinking in the mind. But actually we don’t have to learn anything new, but rather let go of what we already have. Patrick showed in his presentation how this can be done with OKR and will also lead to a much more successful future for companies.

Download PDF die.agilen

Experiences and Learnings with OKRs @ DG - Impulse talk by Michael Sommerhalder, Teamleader Software Engineering & Agile Coach, Digitec Galaxus

Since the introduction of OKR in Q1/2018, Digitec Galaxus has made many experiences with OKRs in their daily work. In particular, he focused on the following points in his paper:

  • What foundations in culture were necessary for successful implementation of OKRs?
  • How has OKR led to more engagement in teams?
  • How do the different teams create their OKRs?
  • Where do we stand on OKRs in 2021? What are our challenges at the moment?

Download PDF Digitec Galaxus

Questions, suggestions, and discussion

Edo Bezemer – I am your direct contact

Do you have any questions or suggestions about the OKR Lounge? Or would you like to actively contribute to an OKR lounge in the future, I look forward to hearing from you. I will gladly get in touch with you afterwards.