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The psychological effects in the Scrum Framework

Our organizational psychologists Gabriela Bleuler and Samuel Aeschbach are also certified Agile Scrum Masters. What the Scrum Framework has to do with psychology, we illuminate in the article.

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Our company is becoming agile - a field report on OKR

Change is the new normal and we have asked ourselves how to deal with the ever faster pace of change. With the agile Objective & Key Results (OKR) framework, we have found a solution that systematically and methodically supports us in constant change. Google & Co have shown us the way and we are following suit. It is worth it!

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The hybrid workplace

In the article, Edo Bezemer, founder of xamplo, explains some very interesting aspects regarding employee management and project collaboration that need to be considered on the way to a hybrid workplace.

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Back to office recommendations

Recommendations for transitioning back to the office. Or maybe not back to the office after all? Or only half?


5 recommendations for Work@Home

Ideas for motivating work from home. Sounds banal in part, but sometimes simple things need to be said.


Tool task matrix for remote work

Which collaborative tools can be used to complete which tasks? The overview helps to find ideas and solutions. We are happy to receive suggestions for additions!


Boost Collaboration on the test bench

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What is digital transformation?

What does digital transformation mean to you?

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aspecx as a management tool

How can our app aspecx be used to support leadership in the 21st century?

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